Growing up with country music

The most disliked music genre is one of my favorite


Amanda Kroll '19, Page Designer

There is no denying that country music is one of the most disliked music genres ever, but it is one of my favorites.

“I would have never thought that it was disliked.” math teacher Ms. Neal stated, “I always assumed it was well loved because of the big award shows that they have and the TV shows they had for it like Nashville.”

I was raised on the southern genre of music. When I was a tiny human I would hang out in my diaper in my garage with my dad drinking out of a bottle tapping my feet to the music. I have fond memories of listening to country in my dad’s garage in the summer, or whenever we would go driving around in his old pick up truck. The genre holds a special place in my heart, if I wasn’t raised on country music I don’t know if I would even like it.

“It’s feel good music.” stated English teacher Mrs. Lezak “In the summer time we always listen to country music. It talks about stuff that adults can relate to, it talks about life lessons, love, death things that anyone can relate too.”

The country music I listened to when I was younger are big names like Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Miranda Lambert, Little Big Town, Luke Bryan, Billy Currington, Florida Georgia Line, Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean and so many more. From around when I was a child to recently a few years ago country music was really good and had a certain tone. Nowadays country has more of a pop feel, way more than it did when I was younger, and they have also included rap.

In Walker Hayes song You Broke Up with Me it doesn’t have a country feel to it and sounds like a generic pop song. Even though that style of country isn’t my certain style of the genre there are a good few songs from artists who have been around for a couple years but have just gained popularity.  Lil Nas X who had just gotten big with his song Old Town Road when it became the meme song of our dreams on the social media app Tik Tok. Dan and Shay are a duo who started out in 2012 and have a few hit songs out called Tequila and Speechless, even though they’re on the slow side of the country aspect there music is still appreciated.

Kane Brown started his career in by posting covers to YouTube and soon released his EP titled closer in 2015. He has two very popular songs out tilted Heaven and What If ft Lauren Alaina.“ My favorite artist would be Kane Brown because of his song Heaven. The song makes me think of the life I want and it makes me think of my kids and husband and a beautiful life.” Lezak stated

With country music still being popular there is still a big amount of people who dislike the genre. Senior Téa Martin says that she disliked the genre because of how repetitive the songs can be and that they all cover the same topics. “ They talk about the same topics of a girl, a truck, and beer. It  just has no variety,” Martin stated “ It is also written by a bunch of white guys and girls, there is no diversity there either. There have been maybe three dark skinned country singers that I have heard of and that’s it.”

Many people have their opinions of the music genre but to me it will always be the feel good music, and it is like that to many as well.