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Pictured left to right: Chanel Braxton, Asonta Hargove and Tyrone Greene. The trio performed their take on Thomas Jefferson through an original rap.

      U.S. History students embarked on a trip to the Fisher Theater to see the critically acclaimed Hamilton, April 18. Before the Hamilton cast staging, there were several student performances. John Glenn students were among the performers. The trio included: Asonta Hargrove, Tyrone Green and Chanel Braxton. The trio performed a rap version depicting founding father, Thomas Jefferson’s accomplishments. For many, this was their first play.

     You may know Hamilton through his immense contribution to the U.S. Constitution. He also served as the first secretary of treasury. Unfortunately, many remember him for his demise: Hamilton died in a duel with ally turned foe Aaron Burr. Burr did not care for the way Hamilton acted and how quickly he was and remained in the favor of George Washington.

     “It was definitely an experience I would never forget, I loved listening to music live, and watching the plot.” Kyiana Parrom, commented this pertaining to attending her first ever play on the Hamilton trip.

     History in general is often overlooked. History must be understood as to not be repeated. Discoveries we know are based on history. For example, cavemen curating pictures made archaeologists aware of different animals, lifestyle, etc. Without this, progression may have endured a major setback. Though it is the past many aspects shape life as we know it today. Technology is ever changing due to someone else’s research, making it the past.

Whilst on the all day field trip, school administrators and students learned from the play.

     “I did not know that Alexander Hamilton was so scandalous in his personal life,” social studies teacher Mr. Conn said. Conn mentioned Alexander’s many affairs, his one mistress and often being extremely friendly to his wife’s sister, Angelica Schuyler. Conn says he thinks the two were “in on it.”

     Junior Collin Stapleton stated that he learned “like father like son”: Hamilton and his late son Phillip both died in duels (in the same spot too).

     The worst viewed Aaron Burr sparked a few emotions among the audience.

     Junior Autumn C’imone Whatley commented Burr was her least favorite character because “He killed Hamilton and he was the protagonist of the whole play.”

     The sarcastic king by far was one of the most memorable characters. Having few appearances and scene the message was successfully conveyed. King George lll swayed onto stage with his bright red cape and sparkling crown. If that wasn’t enough, his ridiculous sing-song voice practically edged itself into your memory bank. Often making a comment about how puny and foolish The U.S. is for wanting independence captured one’s attention.

     Since the Constitution was a mere draft, it has since been ratified 27 times. Hamilton’s feud with Jefferson and practically everyone was set aside for the good of the country.

     “Why do you write like you’re running out of time,” is a relevant message today. Be like Hamilton and record your thoughts, your thoughts may be used for greater things you’d never imagine.