Benefits of Rollerblading


Sierra Mcintosh '20, Reporter

       As someone who personally grew up rollerblading, I obviously have a well-defined knowledge of how rollerblading itself works, along with the overall positive benefits that come from doing it. But would the average person know any of the benefits that come with rollerblading? According to how stuff works, the chances of that are slim due to only 6 million Americans trying it in 2015. This is quite interesting because not only does rollerblading help in muscle development but it also helps someone burn quite a sufficient amount of calories. The reasoning behind the musical development is rollerblading requires not only balance, but also control to stay upright. The usage of balance and control calls upon physical strength and endurance.

          Along with burning lots of calories and increasing muscle development, rollerblading can also be used as a great low-impact cardio workout. Due to the foot to ground impact being kept to a minimum, there is less pressure being placed on your joints and muscles making it the perfect activity for a low-impact cardio workout. If these positive benefits do not make you want to engage in this sport, then perhaps this last benefit will be captivating. Unlike most sports, rollerblading allows someone to create their own fun out of it with there being no specific goals like having to score points, or being focused on just losing weight. If chosen to try, rollerblading is an out of this world experience and there’s no regrets that come with trying it aside from maybe falling once. But that’ll just serve as the motivation to improve upon the new abilities.