Recent Staff Additions: Meet Ms. Murphy and Ms. Hylton

Recently, John Glenn has recruited some new staff members, including math teacher Ms. Murphy and secretary Ms. Hylton. 

Before joining John Glenn’s staff, Ms. Murphy worked in Detroit public schools. She liked it there, but wanted a change of environment, she said. 

“This is more of what I had in high school,” she said, “feels more like high school to me.”

She currently teaches math skills and geometry foundations, but could teach any math, chemistry, or physics class because of her degrees in chemistry and education. 

Ms. Murphy attended Lansing Community College for a couple of years, then finished her Bachelor’s degree at Central Michigan University. She also obtained her Master’s degree at Central Michigan University and at Wayne State University

“I like how much it explains things,” Ms. Murphy said about math, “and how you explain it.” She added that she likes how much information one can pull from math to explain what is happening in the real world. 

While Ms. Murphy is in her seventh year of teaching, recent secretarial hire Ms. Hylton has begun her first secretarial job. 

“I’m really enjoying it,” Ms. Hylton said.

 Before joining the John Glenn staff, she was a patient care technician at the University of Michigan on a general medicine telemetry; in other words, she worked in the field of heart monitoring.

Ms. Hylton is unfamiliar to John Glenn, though, as she has served as the varsity cheer coach and a graduate of the class of 2009.

“I don’t think it’s changed much. I see many familiar faces,” Ms. Hylton said. “The only changes I see are in staff and administration.” Ms. Hylton looked to the corner of the counseling office and pointed at pictures of past students. She said that she recognized them, went to school with them.

“I saw the position,” Ms. Hylton said when asked about her job, “and thought, ‘Why not?’”

Isabella Riopelle 21
Ms. Hylton, alumnus and cheer coach, is the new counseling secretary.


Isabella Riopelle 21
Ms. Murphy takes a break from teaching math.