Parents need to give teens some space

Emma Larsch , Reporter

In life we are taught rules and boundaries from a young age but we still have the rules we had and we are almost adults.When do we learn to take care of ourselves and be responsible for our actions if we don’t get to live and learn from our mistakes. And a quote from Carl E. Pickhardt Ph.D from says that no matter how protective parents are they cannot change the reality of what happens in a teen’s life.

And while normal rules and curfew are acceptable and should be set in place to teach responsibility, parents need to do it in a way that benefits teens more than harming them. Because no teen is going to want to listen to parents who treat them more like objects than children.

 For example, sophomore Ava Moenaert says “ I have been given many more rules and regulations like Life 360, a curfew, and can only hang out with friends one day on the weekend.” 

We are only teens, and parents should let teens have some fun with the couple of years we have before college and become adults and can’t have fun. If parents are too hard on teens,  then they will learn ways to get out of the rules because they have figured it out and that just causes an untrustworthy relationship, which is bad for both sides. It’s not healthy for teens to not have any privacy of their own.  So please stop treating teens like children. Instead teach us and let us make mistakes and learn from them instead of throwing us into the world unprepared.

And while times are different parents are also abusing the use of technology to track their teens every move, which is an invasion of privacy, and while its not wrong to want to know where they are but parents need to be able to have trust in teens or your relationship will go nowhere. For example, parents should not go on their child’s phone unless it’s  absolutely necessary. Parents didn’t have the technology we have now and parents would not appreciate that either, so parents think about if you would like it. Probably not, so don’t do it to teens. 

So the main idea, parents, is to give your kids some space, trust them, let them have fun, and treat them with the respect you would want to be treated with. You’d be surprised how teens will respect and listen to you if you treat them like adults and not children.