How does work affect performance at school?


Ariyanah Williams , Reporter

For many students, an after school job is a responsibility. Some may learn how to balance and manage their time while handling things that need to be done in and out of school–like Dana Nichols, a senior who works 4-5 hours a week. She approximately has 2-3 subjects with homework daily, gets 7-8 hours of sleep a night, and wakes up at 5:30.   

While others struggle daily with the task that they have to do, time spent at work can distract them from schoolwork and can have negative consequences. Often, students who work long hours can have academic disasters, and can drastically decrease their grades.

After awhile jobs can start to slowly but surely affect student attendance. High school students often come to school tired and miss out on the material they need to be successful in their classes. Some psychologists believe students who work too many hours may suffer far more terrible consequences than a few missed classes or a couple of bad grades according to the Institute For Social Research

Then there is stress, having piles of homework that students have to do because they couldn’t complete it the night before. And could cause smoking and drug abuse. Some drugs abuse your brain in the same way stress does. Long-term abuse of drugs makes users more sensitive to everyday stress than non-users. And could make their mental health a lot worse.

Anxiety and depression are two of the most common obstacles students face daily in school learning environments. And working a part time job makes it worse, every year more cases of anxiety and depression are reported in children and teens. One out of eight children have depression, says  IBCCES. Some symptoms of depression and anxiety are:

  • Tiredness and loss of energy
  • Low self-esteem
  • Poor school performance or a lot of absences
  • Irritable or annoyed mood
  • Lack of concentration

Students who work shouldn’t have to go through these situations, especially if they have to work to support their family. Even if they can handle the work between two responsibilities or not, they shouldn’t have to work so many hours a week. This should be a only on the weekends job for teens who have school.