8 Travel Tips for Novices


Briannah Stickney , Reporter


With spring break right around the corner, many are planning to take vacations, some abroad, others around the country. No matter where you’re headed, at least one of these tips will benefit you during your travels. 

These tips have been compacted into a short list of eight tips that I deem most useful from many other articles, as well as my own experiences. They are meant to ease your travels to help you enjoy your vacations to the fullest. (They are in no specific order.)

#1: Chew Gum While You’re Airborne!

This is a tip that was given to me before I flew for the first time, and it was very useful. Due to high air pressure while flying, your ears will likely feel clogged and “pop”. Chewing gum helps to prevent this because the chewing motion helps to open the eustachian tubes- the part of the ear that controls pressure in the middle ear- which allows for the ear to adjust to outside pressure change much easier. 

#2: Wash Your Hands and Use Disinfectant Wipes!

Even though this should be a no-brainer, it’s always a good reminder, especially with the quickly- spreading COVID-19 virus going around. It’s also flu-season and so many people in a single place is a recipe for disaster, so show up prepared. Keep a travel pack of disinfectant wipes in your bag and use them to wipe off anything you may have to touch and avoid anything that you don’t have to. Stay safe and keep those hands clean!

#3: Learn Bits of the Languages You Might Hear!

This one is pretty easy to understand, and hopefully, with the use of this tip, the people you meet will be, too. It’s also fun to learn a new language.

#4: Take Pictures!

You might remember a certain moment for a few years, but pictures can capture any moment and they’ll be around forever. Take photos, but enjoy yourself. Don’t take so many pictures that you’re not living in the moment anymore. Take pictures and make memories!

#5: Always Wear Sunscreen!

This is probably one of the more important tips on this list. Sunscreen is always an essential if you plan to be outdoors a lot during your trip. Don’t let a pesky sunburn ruin your vacation! Remember your sunscreen!

#6: Pack Light! 

Even though not packing enough sounds like a nightmare, packing as light as possible is the way to go. It leaves less to carry and less to lose, but more room for souvenirs and anything else you may acquire on your adventure. Pack less on your way to wherever you’re going, so you can pack more on your way back!  

#7: Bring Extra Copies of Important Documents!

If you’re traveling abroad, this one is extremely important. Bring extra passport photos and copies of any other important documents in case of any problems or incidents. Always be prepared for the unexpected!

#8: Have Fun and Stay Safe! 

Enjoy your adventure and make plenty of memories! You never know that you’re in the “good times” until you’ve already left them. Have fun, stay safe, and enjoy yourself!