Girl Scout Flavors; What Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie Flavor says about you


Jordan Ross , Reporter


We all have our own personal favorite Girl Scout cookie. While we may love multiple cookies at a time, we mainly prefer one over another. A lot goes into cookie choice. Does it look appealing? Do you have allergies? Do you like a crunchy, or a chewy bite? There are tons of factors. Of course, there’s gonna be one or two cookies missed, this is just based off a hand full of cookies listed on the official Girl Scout site. Now, what does your favorite cookie say about you? 

Thin Mints – Chocolate and mint–the most basic of combinations. You don’t tend to change what you like best. Though your taste isn’t the most unique for cookies, you do have that one oddball food you enjoy quite a lot. 

Lemon-Ups – Ok, I’m sorry to say it, but you really need to diversify your palate. You love all things lemon, even if it seems gross. You either don’t eat many sweet things, or you have an unhealthy addiction to Lemon-Heads. 

Samoas – You like to spoil yourself a bit. So what? You ate a box of sweets that will decrease your lifespan by a dozen years. You live by, “In for a good time, not a long time,” for every health decision you make. Good on you.

Tagalongs – This cookie is so rich in chocolate and peanut butter, I’m amazed your mouth isn’t glued shut at this point. You love chocolate so much, you eat any chocolate flavored thing you can get your hands on. While you do amaze everyone with the amount of Tagalongs you can eat in one sitting, you can also make do with almost any other cookie. You don’t mind.

Do-si-dos – This cookie is bland on the outside, though very nice when you get into it, just like the people who eat these simple cookies. While peanut butter isn’t the most interesting thing in the world, it can be the tastiest. Everyone should know a Do-si-do, whether it be in class or in the workplace. 

Trefoils – While the cookie itself is boring and not the best, the people are quite nice. They’re dependable, and will always be willing to give you their advice. Just don’t ask them where to eat out. That’s one piece of advice they’ll definitely miss.

Thanks-A-Lot – Nobody thinks about a Thanks-A-Lot when naming off the types of cookies the Girl Scouts provide and it’s a shame really. These people tend to be really nice, but reserved to themselves. So, to both the dessert and the people out there, get out there and make a name for yourself.

Toffee-tastic – Now while toffee may seem pretty obvious in flavor at first, there’s always a second guess period. Toffee is always different on your second bite, and it’s no different for these types of people. They will seem simple enough at first but have a few complexities here and there.

Girl Scouts S’mores – Girl Scout S’mores: they seem so easy to label. “It’s just a cookie with marshmallow and chocolate”: well, it’s not that simple. While the cookie will taste both stale and full of sugar, the people are the most carefree people in the world. I really hope you haven’t tried any other cookie in general, because you could do so much better. 

Please get out there and try something else. Who hurt you?