What I am doing over break


Alexa Richardson '21, Editor

If there is one word I could use to describe everything that is going on right now it would be unexpected. For me, it felt like one day I found out about the virus in China, then in the US, then in Michigan, then there were rumors about schools closing, and the next day we found out that was our new reality. 

Coping to this new reality has been difficult to say the least. I play national-level volleyball, which means I travel to different tournaments across the US (Washington D.C, Florida, Pittsburgh, Missouri) all of which have been cancelled. This has probably been my least favorite part of this whole shut down. I do miss school and all of my friends and teachers that come along with it, but not having volleyball has definitely hurt.

However, my room has never been cleaner and my recruiting process for volleyball has taken a big turn (for the better). I have had a lot more time to edit film and set up calls with various colleges.

Also my volleyball club has been doing Zoom calls and creating fun challenges for us to do, just to keep us active and united.

My mom has been having “homeschooling” sessions downstairs at the kitchen table, where my siblings and I all do our homework together. 

My family and I have been going for walks around my neighborhood two to three times a day; just to get out of the house and to pass time. I’ve noticed that I’ve been going outside so much more than I usually would (which I love). My siblings and I even got all dressed up on Easter Sunday to surprise my parents and we took some pictures outside.

I feel like I have found myself feeling more thankful, more appreciative for everything that I have. If you ask me, I think this was much needed “pause on life” for everyone.

Of course this is a very scary time for everyone; especially for those who are affected by the virus. I know some people with the virus and it has definitely been scary, but it has made me realize that I have so much to be thankful for (especially basic things that we may usually look over, like our health).