Effects of bullying


Anum Rizvi '20, Reporter

Bullying is often not recognized until someone goes through it himself. Adults these days can have a hard time knowing if something is wrong with their own kids, while the kid is suffering many things. Lack of family support, kids on their own using social media: how can parents even connect to their kids if everyone keeps to themselves? 

It has become so normal for us to be in our room all day long with no communication with anyone. We have no connections even to our closest people! 

This lack of understanding is often called the “empathy gap.” Working to close this empathy gap is one of the best ways to improve bullying policies and prevent bullying.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Kids who are regularly targeted by bullies often suffer both emotionally and socially. They find it hard to maintain a healthy relationship. These kids lack support from their family members and feel alone and left out. The household plays a big role in each kid’s personality. Now if a kid is left alone not knowing how to deal with a situation, how do you think they would react? Many times they will try to hide, get scared and isolate themselves, believing what is told to them. A  lack of self-esteem is a direct result of the mean and hurtful things that other kids say about them. Many kids even start believing things they are called by the other kids, which leads them to think low of themselves.

Bullied kids often experience anxiety as well as low self-esteem. This stress on their bodies also will result in a variety of health issues, including being sick more often and suffering from ulcers and other conditions caused by persistent anxiety. Headache, stomach, digestive system rotting, cancer forming because of stress. Yes, the effects of bullying can go far on physical health step by step if one is not getting help.  Remember, the experiences that people have while they are children help mold them into the adults that they later become. Again, this is why the family system is so important in every child’s life. Children need support to form their own unique personality with confidence. The parent’s role is extremely important in this situation because this is where they learn how to deal with world problems. Now if the child doesn’t even pass the bullying at an early age, how are they going to face the world when they grow up into adults?  So it is not surprising that the effects of bullying linger well into adulthood. This then helps to influence their future mindset, including how they view themselves and others. 

When a child is bullied, the road to recovery may be more challenging than might originally think. In fact, the effects of bullying can stick around long after the bullying has ended. Moreover, if bullying is not addressed right away, then it can cause problems for the child later in life. The family plays a big role. Dealing with each member of the house based on their personality is very important. Some parents ignore this and deal with each child the same way. They think, “Oh, he’s just sad, he will cope as the other one did.” Being siblings doesn’t mean they have the same personality or same confidence level. They all are different and they need parental support.