Ten things to do while school is closed


Sarah Hunter '21, Reporter

   As I am sure most everyone is aware, school will not be in session until April 14, so everyone who was busy and stressed suddenly has nothing to do. Here are 10 things to do while you’re stuck at home because of the school shutdown:

  1. Study for the SAT.

Juniors will eventually have to take this test. Take this month off to brush up on subjects you are not so good at and strengthen your test-taking abilities. Many libraries are also closed, so go to Khan Academy and sharpen those skills.

  1. Make animal enrichment toys for local animal shelters.

Animal enrichment is important for animals in shelters; they get bored with the mundane routine in their lives. Animal enrichment is meant to break up the monotony. Making enrichment for them is cheap and easy to do, and you can even use recycled materials to make the life of an animal a little bit better.

  1. Clean something.

Look around your house and see what needs straightening up. Tidy up your bedroom, dust all the shelves, clean the kitchen, do the dishes, or just do anything else that needs to be done around the house. Your parents will appreciate it!

  1. Binge-watch everything.

This may not be the most productive use of time, but there are plenty of movies and television shows that are worth a watch across cable and all the streaming services. 

  1. Work out.

Though you can’t go to the gym, there are plenty of workouts you can complete at home that will get you up and moving. Keeping your body active is important and remaining sedentary for too long can take a toll on your health. Even if it is just getting up and doing a small amount of movement between movies or television shows, it is important to get your blood flowing.

  1. Read a book.

Reading is a productive and entertaining way to let time slip by. Most libraries are closed, so if you do not own a couple of books at your home, you can always download free books or audiobooks online. You can also borrow books from the National Emergency Library for 14 days free with just an email. There are plenty of books worth reading and you have plenty of time in which to read them. 

  1. Write a letter or send a care package.

Send a letter to a friend, an older relative, or make a care package for someone in need. You could write a letter to someone in a nursing home as they are not allowing visitors right now. Writing letters may seem outdated, but they may just brighten someone’s day.

  1. Learn something new.

There are tons of things you can learn to do while at home, and I do not mean schoolwork. You could learn how to juggle, play an instrument, try your hand at cooking, and tons of other things.

  1. Play a board game, or invent a new one.

Puzzles challenge your mind and keep you thinking. Chances are, you have someone at home in the same boat as you; it could be a sibling, parent, relative, or whoever is around. Play a board game that you already own, or if you are already bored of those, make up your own game. If you do not have anyone to play with, do a puzzle. If you do not have a puzzle handy, try out some virtual/online puzzles. 

  1. Listen to podcasts.

There are plenty of fascinating podcasts out there that are worth a listen. You could spend some of this extra time listening to some of them.

   This shutdown will not last forever, but the important thing is to keep yourself busy. There are plenty of things to do and many ways to keep yourself occupied from home.