Spotlight on swim team seniors


Isabella Riopelle '21, Copy Editor

This year’s boys’ swim team has four unique seniors who all have a passion for swimming. Each has swam for John Glenn since freshman year, making this their fourth and, sadly, final year on the team. 

Senior Jalen Moss’s favorite event is the 100 breaststroke, where the swimmer completes 100 meters using a breaststroke technique

“I like it because nobody else here swims it,” Moss said. His best time was 29.32 seconds for the 50 Freestyle event. That stroke style, however, is also what Moss said he would have liked to have improved on more. “I would definitely liked to improve on my freestyle more…getting my arms out wider,” Moss said. 

Senior Donavan Thomas-Dixon would have also liked to improve on a swim technique. “[I would have liked to work on] my backstroke. I hate the backstroke,” Thomas-Dixon said. He, Moss, and Senior Trenten Arthur have the same event as their best time: the 50 Freestyle. Thomas-Dixon’s time was 25.50 seconds, and Arthur’s time was 23.04 seconds. Differing from all of them was Senior Joe Lenard, whose best time was 5.01 minutes in the 500 Freestyle. That was also his favorite event to swim. “It’s long, and it’s more my speed,” Lenard said. 

Both Arthur and Thomas-Dixon share the 100 Butterfly event as their favorite. “I like the way the stroke looks,” Arthur said, “and not that many people can swim Butterfly.” 

“I like to swim Butterfly because I am really good at it and I really like the stroke,” Thomas-Dixon said about the 100 Butterfly event. 

Unlike his senior teammates, Arthur would have liked to improve on his discipline in the water, as in staying more focused and not slacking.

Each one of the Seniors have a favorite memory, which include qualifying for meets and team bonding. 

“My favorite memory from swimming was probably last year at the Wayne invitational when I qualified for the M.I.S.C.A. meet for the first time,” Lenard said. The Michigan Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association (MISCA) annually brings down the best swimmers from the state to compete in a meet, and Lenard and Arthur both qualified during their high school swimming careers. Arthur qualified in both 2019 and 2020. 

Moss remembers a water polo game during his sophomore year as his favorite memory from being on the swim team. “It was a game I had never really played and it was just really fun to just jump on people,” Moss said. Team night took Thomas-Dixon’s place as his favorite memory. “It let us have lots of fun and stuff,” Thomas-Dixon said. 

Two of the seniors, Lenard and Thomas-Dixon, currently do not plan on swimming at college. When asked if he wanted to swim in college, Lenard replied with, “Possibly, not at the moment though.” The other two seniors, Arthur and Moss, would like to swim in college. 

All four swim team seniors have a different outlook on their high school swimming commitment and experience. 

“Swimming has meant a lot to me, in terms of high school. It has pretty much been the only thing I did throughout high school,” Lenard said. “It’s just been a lot of fun, gave me a lot of good memories.” 

Arthur approached the question differently, talking about why he got into swimming. “I committed to swimming because people faster than me will always get me inspired to pass them up one day, so I was committed to that,” Arthur said. 

“I pretty much swim ritualistically, as much as I can, whenever I can, wherever I can,” Moss said. He said that he even swims at his job as a Lifeguard at the YMCA.

Thomas-Dixon said, “I always had that mentality to just get up and swim.” He admits to the difficulty, but gives the following advice: “You just have to amp yourself up.”

Even though the past four years of their high school swimming careers have had some difficulties, each of the seniors have made a splash and a difference at John Glenn High School.