I Still Believe


Sarah Lozier ‘20, Copy Editor

Editor’s note: this review contains spoilers; the film has a Christian POV.

When I first saw the trailer for I Still Believe, I was a little underwhelmed; I did not like who they cast for the main roles. So when our parents told us Friday, which was a very stressful day, that we were going to see that movie, I was not excited. 

So we arrived, got our popcorn (I love white cheddar seasoning), and found our seats. I was not prepared for what I was about to experience. The movie theater was almost empty–there were only some couples. It was weird to watch a movie about someone who is still alive, but KJ Apa (who played Jeremy Camp) and Britt Robertson (Melissa) did an excellent job. The movie started off slowly, with some background and a cheesy cliché love story: Boy meets girl in college, falls in love, and encounters some trouble. But I was not anticipating the curveball that came. Melissa, in the movie, has cancer. It was not an easy thing to watch as Jeremy, KJ Apa’s character, married her against the odds and went through all the surgeries and problems associated with cancer. Britt played a hard role incredibly. It was amazing to watch as Jeremy did not cry once and was strong for the sake of his wife. 

I do not usually cry for movies; it has to be a hard movie like Five Feet Apart or a really sad Christian movie, so I was surprised when tears just would not stop falling down my face. They just kept on coming! The whole side of my jacket was wet and I kept lowering myself in the seat to avoid anyone seeing. It was embarrassing. The movie hit close to home for me; my grandma had died due to breast cancer a couple years back, and each time a movie deals with that, I can’t help get emotional.

That being said, I would not trade seeing that movie for anything. It was sweet, challenging as a Christian, and a good time. I am so proud that it scored $4 million during its opening weekend. So, if you are looking for something to watch over your break, you should check out I Still Believe.