The IDEAL first date


Alonna Harris: Have you ever just felt like you wanted to go on a really fun and cool date but couldn’t quite think of the ideal date?

Ariyanah Williams: Yeah, either the ones that I consider are either very expensive, or really bland.

Sierra Mcintosh: True, plus there are so many different options to choose from.

Alonna: We should look into some date ideas on our phones since we’re already on our phones all day, I want a date that actually MEANS something and makes me want to put my phone away.

Ariyanah: RIGHTTTTT, I need something that could make me forget I have a phone while I’m on this date.

Sierra: EXACTLYYY, hopefully researching date ideas helps us decide on what the true “ideal date” is.

Ariyanah: I found a unique idea for a date on a website, here’s 8 Best First Date Ideas… The one that stuck out to me was POTTERY PAINTING!

Sierra: Wow, I didn’t even think of that for a date! It seems like a great idea.

Alonna: I think it’s really soothing, I took a Ceramics class once and it was relaxing.

Ariyanah: Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. You get to have a conversation with your date, and enjoy each other’s company!

Sierra: Plus, the object you create while you’re there will always remind you of your special “ideal date”.

Ariyanah: Okay okay. I found another idea. How about a Picnic. With lots and lots of food.

Alonna: I don’t particularly like picnics, too many bugs, and I have terrible allergies. Outside isn’t really my thing.

Sierra: I think it sounds pretty solid, as long as you have enough time to make things for it and the weather ends up being nice.  

Ariyanah: Exactly, and on top of that, you could bring bug spray if needed. It could help you out a lot.

Alonna: Seems like the bug spray just attracts more bugs. I think the candles work though.

Sierra: Candles would totally help with the romantic atmosphere, doing the picnic at night underneath the stars and added candles would be amazing.

Ariyanah: I definitely agree with that! Hmmm. Okay, so what about a Museum. I mean personally, it sounds really boring. Unless you really really like learning about history, which I don’t. Ew.

Alonna: Dates are really important though, especially first dates because they really can help you get a feel for who that person really is. Part of me hates the fact that technology is taking over this generation because no one builds interpersonal relationships anymore… *sad face*

Ariyanah: Rigghhtt. It seems to me like some of them are built online instead of in person.

Sierra: Yeah, for sure they are; I think the two people on a date should carefully think about what would benefit both people, and what has the best vibe.

Alonna: We definitely can name off as many dates as possible but I believe that it is powerful to find what it is you and your potential/current significant other is interested in within each other. That’s another great way to build a connection. If both of you hate go-kart racing then you probably shouldn’t do that.

Sierra: So, you’re saying in a sense the perfect “ideal” first date depends directly on the people and their own interests? That there ISN’T a truly perfect first date?

Alonna: EXACTLY, the most essential part of an “ideal” date is to find the perfect date for YOU. You or Ariyannah’s idea of a perfect date could be different from mine and that’s absolutely okay.

Sierra: Yeah! I think more people definitely need to realize that. Too many people are concerned about the thought of an ideal date rather than trying to find what works for them as individuals.

Alonna: I’m so relieved that you’re in agreeance with me.  My only advice to others would be to find what they like and maybe figure out an IDEAL date for themselves.

Sierra: Hopefully as we further expand with technology the influence of it somehow lessens and our romantic ideals aren’t as strongly projected through it, giving people more creativity in their dates.