DECA’s rise to success


Sarah Lozier ‘20, Copy Editor

This past weekend DECA students competed against other schools in Detroit.

“Nina Scarpelli, Ashley Taylor, Kaia Tolu, Nishan Tolu, Monique Denski, and Audrey Tasevski made stage and received role play medals. Mitchell Sapp wrote a 200 page paper and received Gold Recertification.” Reads an email from Mrs. Johnson.

Mitchell’s paper was on “The Gantry, school store. It covered financials and products, financial analysis, product mix, pricing, and the sales for the year.” 

“ The first competition is districts. If they qualify, they go on to the state, which is in March, the one we just did. If they qualify there they can go onto internationals conference, which this year is in Tennessee,in Nashville. They (DECA members) like that part because they take an 100 question marketing test, they do school online, then they go to the actual conference. They do a role play, so they’re put into a business situation, and they have to actually role play that part. That’s one part of the competition, there’s also a lot of community service. We raise a lot of money for Muscular Dystrophy. And then, they also love the travel, networking, getting to know people… They get to meet many kids from all schools, and actually all over the country. So it’s really fun.” says Mrs. Johnson the coordinator and head of DECA.