Do we need jobs?


Emma Larsch '22, Reporter

A very controversial topic that’s been talked about  for a while: do teenagers need jobs or should they focus on school? There has been no right answer for this yet and there never will be; it really all depends on the person.

“They should get jobs if they feel they can handle the busy schedule,” Junior Raina Bergeron said. So really the teenager should be the one to decide if they can handle a job or not.

Sometimes, jobs are needed. For example, senior Jalen Bradley says that it can be a good way to help the family. And that’s one reason why some students have jobs. Some may just want to either save money for college or just have some of their own money, which is not a bad thing. Having a job can also teach teenagers a sense of responsibility and how to manage the money they earn.

So all in all what we really need to do is let us decide what we think is best for us and our life right now.