Women’s pockets; where are they?


Sophia Biber '23, Reporter

We have all used pockets at some point in our lives, whether it was to hold our belongings or to stuff our hands in during an awkward situation. Pockets can be extremely helpful, so why is it that women’s clothing lacks them?

The history of the pocket goes all the way back to the 16th century. At first, pockets were only sewn into men’s clothing. It wasn’t until around the 17th century when women finally got the pockets they deserved.

The pockets in women’s clothing were first sewn underneath their petticoats. In fact, they used to be a lot more spacious than they are now.

According to a study done by The Pudding, in jeans, women’s pockets are 48 percent shorter and six and a half percent narrower than men’s pockets. It is a proven fact that women’s pockets are smaller than men’s pockets, but why?

“It’s kind of upsetting because most of the time I can’t fit Chapstick or change into my pockets and so I’m forced to carry them,” said Molly McFadden, a freshman.

When asked if bigger pockets would help, Mrs. Mazaris, a ninth grade English teacher, responded by saying, “yeah, I could fit my phone in there without it falling out and shattering on the concrete.”

McFadden said, “I would be able to fit a bunch of stuff in my pockets that I would normally have to carry around.”

“Sometimes I don’t even have pockets!” said Aubry Schoonover, a freshman. There are many women forced to carry their stuff around because they have nothing to put it in.

Many women have had the trouble of not being able to fit their everyday belongings in their pockets and they’re tired of it. They don’t always have free hands to carry their stuff around. While men can fit their wallets in their pockets without any effort, women are struggling to fit even the smallest items.