Seasonal allergies and how people deal with them


Cole Haas '20, Reporter

Millions of people deal with seasonal allergies, especially at this time of year. Seasonal allergies are “a reaction to pollens and grasses.” Typically, over-the-counter medication is recommended, but do people see results?

Junior Autumn Green has success in dealing with her allergies. “I usually take meds, like Claritin D,” she said. She also said that most of the time, it works! “Take your meds before you plan on going somewhere or take them with you.”

Finding the right medication can be tough, so talk to your doctor so they can recommend medication for you to try. Others simply do not use medicine..

“I don’t really use spray or anything, I pretty much just deal with it,” admits Senior Ariana Bausley who said she does not do much about her own allergies. “Use the medication that is provided to you. I need to start following my own advice.”

Everybody who has allergies deals with them differently, but they are completely normal.