In The Dark; A podcast about a corrupt city court


Sarah Lozier ‘20, Copy Editor

Over the mid-winter break, Mrs. Boyce challenged her AP Literature students to listen to a podcast and figure out how it connected to The Scarlet Letter, the book they’d been reading, and what an interesting podcast it turned out to be.

“It’s interesting. I liked how the person narrated it and retraced the steps of the crime,” senior Griffin Bryan said.

In the Dark is a podcast by APM Reports. The narrator, Madeleine Baran (the blonde in the photo) and her team investigate the curious case of Curtis Flowers, who has been tried six times and has pleaded innocent all six times.

“A black man from a small town in Mississippi who’s spent the past 21 years fighting for his life, and a white prosecutor who’s spent that same time trying just as hard to execute him, “says Baran at the beginning of each episode.

The podcast brings up interesting questions about how cases are handled and who is truly guilty and under what evidence.

“I thoroughly enjoyed it,” began Zaria Reed, a senior. “it’s transparent with what’s happening currently. I like how it deals with how the court system is corrupt and it dealt a lot with the racist nature of the south.”

The students are still listening to the podcast as homework.