Spring break trips overseas

Spring break trips overseas

Briannah Stickney '21, Reporter

Over spring break, two separate groups are set to embark on adventures abroad.

The first group, a mixture of History and French students, and headed by Mrs. Anderson and Madame Manohar, will be traveling to France for eight days to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII. They plan to spend two days in Caen, visiting the Peace Museum and learning about the Invasion of Normandy, two days in Paris, learning about the Liberation of Paris, and two days in the Ardennes area where they will learn about the Battle of the Bulge.

The second group, consisting of any kids who wanted to go, and headed by Ms. Cole, will be traveling around Europe for 10 days. The original plan was to spend about three days in Germany before heading to Italy and spending three days there as well, but with the recent CoronaVirus outbreak there, the visit to Italy may no longer be possible. Either way, the group will go to Switzerland and spend a few days there (the amount of days spent in each country may be subject to change with the sudden change of plans). The group is set to depart from Versailles, France after an extension from Switzerland.

Both groups are holding final meetings and completing checklists as they eagerly await their spring break vacations.