Is going to college the only option?

Emma Larsch '22, Reporter

While there are many different ways to further education, why is college the better option? There are many reasons, including how most jobs require a bachelor’s degree or above. It can be a great experience, and usually, most people that go to college make more money, and according to freshman Riley Niece, “you need money.”

Going into further detail about the reasons why you should go to college, one is, “statistics say by 2030, 20 percent of the job market will need something beyond a high school diploma,” says college advisor Mrs. Kelly. 2030 is in our near future and will affect our generation.  Generally, most of the jobs out there that make the most money do require at least a bachelor’s degree.

Another reason is that usually, people that go to college make more money, and while it is not always the case, it is the most likely outcome. For example, doctors make $193,415 a year and pharmacists make $144,768 a year, and those jobs do require at least a bachelor’s degree. Let’s say that you are lucky and do not have to go to college and still make good money. It is a good idea to have a backup plan in case it does not work out. One thing to mention is how some worry about student loans or student debts. Now, some schools are fundraising to earn money to help students pay for college. There are also so many scholarships you can earn or apply for to also help pay or decrease the amount you would have to pay. You also do not have to physically go to a university. There are online or community colleges, which can be just as good and less expensive, so you can still get credits for a bachelor’s degree without leaving or being far from home.

The final reason is the experience you can have at college. For example, you get to have some freedom, go out and explore the world, and even learn more about yourself in the process. It can also be a way to prepare yourself for the future by learning things like how to manage money, how to work with people, be responsible, and even how to finally take care of yourself on your own. And it is okay to not know what you are doing; it is the experience and the failure you learn from.

It may seem scary, but college could be the best thing you experience. Like chemistry teacher Mrs. Mazon said, “be brave.”