Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez


Briannah Stickney '21, Reporter

The new Netflix limited series Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez does an impressive job of digging into the life of former NFL star, Aaron Hernandez, before, during, and after his murder trials.

The three-part, true-crime docu-series delves into the ins and outs of Aaron Hernandez’s troubled mind in a unique way. The series does a strong job of keeping viewers intrigued while telling an intense murder story. Certain techniques help to tell the confusing tale efficiently; however, others do not. Overall, the true-crime series does a pretty good job of informing and of keeping viewers interested and wanting to watch.

Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez shows the before and after of Aaron Hernandez’s life of crime. The series showcases the factors in Hernandez’s life that may have contributed to his hard-to-control temper and violent tendencies. It incorporates interview segments with some of Hernandez’s closest friends and family to add first-hand encounters to an already “up close and personal” series. It also includes a timeline of all of the events that added anything to the crimes or anything that may have made a significant difference in his life. The series explains the trials in an in-depth way, involving clips of witnesses and attorneys speaking in order to give insight into the mood of the courtroom and the actions of Aaron Hernandez.

The true-crime docu-series tells a puzzling story in an intriguing way. By using interview segments from close friends and family of Hernandez, the series adds a sense of personal attachment to an otherwise impersonal narrative. In doing so, viewers are drawn-in and involved more so than ever before. The Netflix original series also uses a surprise-factor technique to add suspense to a narrative that viewers may already know in order to keep them watching and wondering what is next. For example, during an interview, one of Hernandez’s teammates reveals rather shocking information in an “out-of-the-blue” manner, causing viewers to want to know more.

While the three-part series does most things well, one technique in particular worsened its rating. The timeline technique could have been a perfect way to tell this story if it hadn’t been executed so poorly. For example, when the car involved in the double-homicide is discovered while searching for evidence of Odin Lloyd’s murder, the timeline rewinds back a few years and viewers are now told of a whole new murder case that Hernandez may be involved in. After this point, the docu-series jumps back and forth between cases. resulting in lots of confusion in some of each case’s details.

     Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez tells the story of a football player gone rogue in an informative and entertaining way. As it leads viewers through the tale of Hernandez’s downfall, it gets viewers wondering if other athletes have lived or are living similar crime-filled narratives.