Do you understand this meme?


Sarah Hunter '21, Reporter

If so, then you’re with the majority of Generation Z kids. But if you don’t know what it means, here is what you need to know. The meme is about World War III. Of course, there has yet to be an actual World War III, but the concept is trending.

  So, why is it trending?

The trend follows Donald Trump’s recent actions in Iran. Back at the start of January 2020, in a US airstrike in Baghdad, the US killed a top Iranian military leader, Qassem Soleimani. This sparked tensions between the US and Iran and the public feared the worst. Young people began fearing the Selective Service act and then the memes started rolling out by the hundreds. Teenagers and young adults began to blow up the topic, flooding popular social media platforms with jokes and predictions about WWIII.

    What Does the Meme consist of?

   The idea comes across in many different memes and formats. The memes and jokes mainly consist of fears of a draft, draft dodging and how Gen Z is probably the worst generation to fight in a war. They talk about how most of Gen Z is already depressed, so sending them to fight would result in major losses for the United States. A lot of them also bring up how to dodge the draft, many young men joke that they would move to another country or fake an injury to avoid being drafted and young women joke that they would simply get pregnant to avoid the draft.

Should We be Worried?

    Tensions with other countries can be a worrying thing, but as of right now we are not about to immediately march off to war. All of the jokes and memes being spread on social media are just that, jokes. None of them hold any truth and they’re all in good fun.