AP Night; why you should go


Cristina Ray '21, Business Manager

On Feb 5, you would’ve entered Glenn’s front entrance doors to see a hall with posters, tri fold informational boards, pictures, and several fliers. That evening was the annual meeting for students and parents with staff presenting the Advanced Placement (AP) classes they’re teaching the upcoming year.

Students questioned teachers about their worries or wonders and teachers enlightened students with what their class has to offer. Unlike previous meetings, this time attendees were free to simply walk around to each table.

Freshman Travis Hartwell emphasized, “I think it’s beneficial you give kids the chance to get their grades up and it looks good on your record if you take an AP class.”

The College Board reports that more than 1.24 million students who graduated from American high schools in 2018 took a total of 4.22 million AP Exams.

Some students believe that it is helpful and in your best interest to experience an AP class in high school. Unfortunately, not everyone can fit them in to their schedule, and sometimes the classes are small.

“The largest AP class I’ve had is maybe eight [students],” French teacher Mrs. Manohar said. “Whereas, I start out with like 70 students so it’s a very small percentage.”

This could be due to the fact you must partake in a specific number of French classes before taking on AP.

Senior Mya Tooson said, “I would say do it [take an AP class], because it’s a good experience before you go to college,” implying it will give you a sense of what college classes are like.

A handful of seniors agreed with the idea that AP Night aids you in understanding what the classes in question can offer you in terms of academic credit and knowledge.

Senior Skye Piper was among them and said, “You can find out what type of class fits you and what you’re interested in.”