Is positivity hard for you?


Carol Harding '20, Reporter

    Do you have that one special place to go for positivity? Is there someone you can go to, for advice, or just to have someone to talk to?

After reading the New York Times article, “Internet Affirmation,” by George Wylesol, he got into great detail about how social media, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have an influence on how positivity is spreaded.

“It’s really about knowing how to make these services work for you in a beneficial way, not drag you down” said Wylesol. “The current state of the modern world is a billion voices screaming for your attention, and it’s really easy to let the most negative ones filter through and bring you down.”

Wylesol  talks about how much he travels, and how much stress it could be for him, and people tell him to stop complaining because he is traveling and that everything is perfect. “That’s unfair, and untrue, yet when what you chose to present to the world seems perfect, people think everything is perfect,” Wylesol adds.“I’ve learned that social media isn’t usually the place to get support.”

Social worker Mrs.Williams described positivity as a mindset. “I tell myself it’s going to be a good day. Stuff happens on purpose. I give myself good vibes.” She also said that there are days where it’s hard to find a positive outcome, but wants all students to know she is there for them if they need someone to talk to.

Not only do adults have an input on positivity, senior Karley Bratby said, “There is always a negative aspect to things, but keeping a positive mindset keeps you focused.” Positivity to Bratby is a way to help you, others, or the environment. “I go to an area or place that makes me happy.”

“I agree with the NY Times that social media has an influence with positivity because sometimes social media spreads negativity through the posts and some people spread negativity through social media,” says senior Madison Cummins. She believes that having a positive outlook on life, and spreading happy and good thoughts is a way of positivity. “There have been many times where it was hard to find positivity in that time, it just matters how you find positivity in that time.” Cummins adds.

Student teacher Ms.Tahir also had a few comments on positivity. “Yes it can be difficult to find positivity, but you have to try harder than other times.” To Tahir, positivity is when you feel warmth. “The people you allow in your circle, can have a positive/negative affect on you,” Tahir adds.

Positivity is all around. There are multiple ways to spread it, whether it’s positive or not. Social media as a whole can definitely have an impact on someone.