Why College Isn’t Crucial to Success


Sophia Biber '23, Reporter

College is not necessary to be successful. Students are constantly being told that college should be part of their future, but does it really have to be? If you’re set on a career path that absolutely requires a college degree (such as an engineer or doctor) then that route is a no-brainer. However, there are alternative options for many other careers. Consider, for example, the skilled trades. Certain skilled trades can include, electricians, plumbers, painters, welders, and carpenters–all of which are vital to society.

There are many people with jobs that don’t require a college degree who are quite successful. While some careers do require a college education, there are still many that don’t.

“I didn’t actually need any previous mechanical knowledge,” said William Hoenicke, a millwright at a steel mill. “I took a test and was granted the opportunity to participate in an apprenticeship and my employer trained me in the skills that I needed for my job.” This statement proves that some jobs allow you to learn new skills and even get better at what you already know.

College can be extremely expensive. Many students are left in debt after they graduate. According to Debt.org, the average student debt in 2017 was $37,172. Most students take around 20 years to pay off all of their student loans. 

“I learned the skills that are valuable enough to where if I wanted to, I could move on to another place… there were opportunities for growth in the sense that my skill levels were raised to a point where I was much more employable,” said Hoenicke. 

Cashmoneylife.com states, “College degrees don’t always pay well or guarantee a job.” No one is assured a job after they graduate from college. You could graduate only to find out that there’s a limited amount of jobs in the industry you’re going into. There is also no guarantee that the skills you learned in college will help you in any other fields other than the one you focused on. 

College is not mandatory if you would like to be successful. There are many choices besides college. Consider your options, because you never know where a little research can get you.