Self-made Millionaire Madam C.J. Walker Earns Recognition


Alonna Harris '20, Reporter

Over the course of many lifetimes, and even today, women of color have been verbally abused and targeted because of their hair texture. Madam C.J. Walker, was the first self-made millionaire in the hair care industry. Many people have heard of her but nobody knows how different things would be for black women if she hadn’t made this kind of change. The film Self Made: Inspired by the life of Madam C.J. Walker is a must-see from all cultures because it will be a humbling experience. 

The movie will elaborate on her childhood experiences and what lead to the point where she became an entrepreneur. The story of her life is humbling because she did not have much growing up but she ended up being very wealthy. We often take things for granted because we have many things handed to us. 

We often take small things simple as shampoo, conditioner and those handy dandy flat irons for granted, back then they did not have those products and many of the other ones that we have today.

One of the most challenging things that a black woman will face is maintaining her hair. There are so many different textures and different appropriate products to aid women in maintaining their hair. 

“On a scale of one to 10, maintaining my hair is a TEN, dang,” senior Taylore Johnson stated. As black girls growing up in society we don’t have many influencers to look up to in a positive manner, women that have hard earned money. Many people that stem from the black community that become successful are actors, actresses, singers or rappers. 

“I looked up to Beyonce because she’s beautiful and she’s rich,” senior Mykia James said. “I wanted to be like her because who doesn’t like Beyonce?”  

It is a very rare occasion that someone looks up to a woman of Madam C.J. Walker’s caliber and would call her a role model, which is very saddening being as she made products that changed the hair care game in a major way for black women. 

On March 20, tune into Netflix to learn more about how phenomenal this woman really is.