Rolling into a rivalry win

Nasia Williams '22, Reporter

Girls’ Varsity Bowling Team defeated Wayne Memorial 30-0, maneuvering their way 3-0 in the season conference play.

As the team goes on and bowl into other tournaments, their chemistry is said to what makes them have motivation to get where they want to be and where they’re at now.

“I feel like our team is closer this year and it shows,” said sophomore varsity player Prayer Drane-Kovakiewiez.” Our average this year is better than last year and I feel like playing as a team and with a team mindset, gives that confidence and push to do better, and reach our goal that we’re aiming for.”

The varsity girls recently had their first and second game, and defeated Howell 27-3 and Brighton 28-2 . Junior varsity also defeated Howell highschool 18-12 and Brighton 30-0. They both also defeated their school rival, Wayne Memorial, December 17th 30-0.

In January, both varsity and junior varsity are going against: Fordson, Belleville, Churchill, Stevenson, Franklin, Dearborn, and Wayne Memorial. With these upcoming games, there are still things that the players must focus on to keep away from obstacles.

“Tournaments were stressful at first because we had to go against teams that we weren’t all the way familiar with sometimes.” said Prayer Drane-Kovakiewiez.

Having to keep a strong mindset and being positive going against any team is something that have to be done to keep winning their games is said by the team.

On the other hand, the team have goals and keys to continue to reach what their aiming for.

“Having a good bond and chemistry with your team, and with any team is a good advantage to have when you’re trying to accomplish winning and qualifying for states.” said junior Emma Diederichs varsity player.

During the tournament against Wayne Memorial, girls varsity and junior varsity huddled up in a circle by the bowling lanes for a few minutes and departed with a motivational chant.

This hasn’t been the only successful start off with the girls’ bowling over past seasons.

“The girls have been division champs for the last two years. We also have been region and state championships.” said Coach Oddi. “We want to do those all again.”

As the season will go on, the team and the coach both want to reach future achievements. Some of the players said that they’re looking towards getting better with skill and winning tournaments and matches this season.

“I have a feeling that we’re going to get first place in states. We’ve won every tournament we played this year so far.”