College Acceptance Rate


Christina Herrera '19, Copy Editor

For seniors, talk about college is stressful and usually avoided. It seems as if it’s gotten harder to get accepted into them, and it has.

“Yes, it’s much harder to get into a top school today than it was in 2006 and admissions rate have plummeted across the board. The school that’s has the sharpest drop in acceptance rates is University of Chicago, followed by Northwestern and Duke. Of the 51 schools we looked at, 48 schools were more difficult to get into,” said Business Student’s website.

They [Business Student] explained that this is due to the amount of colleges a student applies to. Years back, students applied to a lower amount. Now it’s more normal for a student to apply to five or ten colleges. Not all of these students are American residents, which is another factor. Prodigious students in other countries, India and China are two good examples, apply for Ivy League schools in the United States in order to get the proper education. Now students are not only competing with another American citizen, but also students from foreign countries.

“For these top-ranked schools, the admissions business has evolved from a local and regional industry to a national one in which colleges attract applicants from a wider geographic reach,” said Jeffrey J. Selingo, who writes for the “The Washington Post”.