The Belle of the Ball

Mardi Mania


Mardi Gras in New Orleans goes a little like this.. After singing Merry Christmas it’s time to slip on a mask because Twelfth Night (Jan. 6) begins as soon as Santa leaves. The night beckons as citizens eagerly prepare for the dazzling days that lie ahead.

The budding overcast of Mardi Gras can be anticipated with excitement. Floats, food and don’t get me started on the spicy array of outerwear. What would your ventures look like as an Orleanion?

I asked Khalil McDaniels, senior, to describe what a float centered about him would like he responded with: It would be a tiger, because they are the most fierce animals in the wild and it would be like a tiger standing up on two legs ready to pounce on its prey”.

For the Louisiana in terms of Mardi Gras it’s always go big or go home. Michigan, for example is not an admirable mention in comparison to Louisiana.

When you think Of New Orleans a few things come to mind: Southern cooking, family functions, Popeyes or” Fat Tuesday”. Louisiana has good rep when it comes to Mardi Gras. This for good reason considering the grand works every year displayed.

Others, however don’t associate much with New Orleans as a whole nor Mardi Gras. Some feel it is not as prominent in American culture as other holidays making it less recognized.

Senior, Antoine Hines, stated that the first thing he would do during Mardi Gras in New Orleans would be sightseeing and exploring the different foods that New Orleans had to offer.

Bourbon streets, Mardi Gras, zoos and beads are what comes to mind when senior, Hailee Melow thinks of the great city that is New Orleans.

A great mention of this holiday is the popular paczki.The fluffy pastries are filled in the center with your choice of gooey goodness. Never to be mistaken for a donut, the paczki has a rich history and typically makes an appearance only for Fat Tuesday. As you bite into the paczki an explosion of flavor should fill your taste buds if not something went downhill with preparation.

Customs dating back to late 17th century Europe to this day thrive, France being a notable influence. Flashing back to 1699 when explorer Jean Baptiste Le Moyne Sieur De Bienville (a mouthful!), lieutenant governor of early Louisiana, arrived 60 miles south of New Orleans realized it was the eve of Mardi Gras declared it the “Point of Mardi Gras”. Due to the heavy influence of French settlers, this holiday became an important part of culture within the state itself, officially being deemed a holiday in Alabama and Louisiana in the year of 1875.

The Mardi Gras New Orleans website already has the countdown for Fat Tuesday which is Feb. 15, 2020 going. Preparation for floats are already underway and will continue until the anticipated day. Plan your trip early and ensure a spot. Take time to look at the “underdog” of represented holidays and you’ll find various hidden treasures.

The bigger, the better, the longer endeavors become a treasure, Celebrate today as if it were holiday, every gray area gives way to a better day.