The Boys are Back in Town

Return of the Jonas

Ashley Hutchinson '19, Copy Editor

Your inner 12-year-old self can stop crying now because the tables have turned and they are back. Nick, Kevin, and Joe Jonas have confirmed their highly anticipated return after six long years is finally happening! My past love for Nick is quickly reviving by the second.

Back in 2013, the band split due to internal issues within the group and decided to pursue their own careers separately. While that was a beneficial choice, as each man has made a name for himself in various ways throughout the years, they have collectively decided to reunite and represent themselves as a band once again.

They have recently released their single “Sucker”, with the music video featuring their Joe’s fiancée and Nick and Kevin’s wives, and there was clearly a change in tune (no pun intended) since their last trio performance. There were more mature lyrics and tones, and even some incorporated parts of Nick’s solo music as well as Joe’s previous band’s songs. If you were hoping for the same old music from them six years later, sorry to say but they’ve grown into mature men with serious relationships and it definitely shows in their new music.

They have also been interviewed on television for the first time since their split on James Corden’s, “The Late Late Show”, and have spilled secrets on recent radio appearances such as how they’ve recorded 30 to 40 songs to be released and their upcoming tour in Australia.