Sunset season

Abby Said '19, Reporter

Conan Gray, a 19-year-old YouTuber and Instagram influencer, has currently scored one million subscribers on YouTube due to his release of currently trendy music. Known for his old-Hollywood aesthetic with dim lighting and forgoing contrast, along with a bittersweet personality, a sad-romantic feel is created within his style.  

Singer-songwriter, Gray, originally uploaded covers of songs by his favorite artists. Revealing his talent for songwriting, he soon became a hit with his relatable personality, and effortless lyrics.

Sunset Season, Gray’s debut EP, was released Nov 16. With mellow tones, flexible vocals and muted sarcasm, Gray’s EP creates a “sad boi hour” feel. Ironic lyrics carry on in “Crush Culture” and “Generation Why” which young teens are able to connect with the feeling of being alone, while needing love from others. Growth of nostalgia and substantial reminiscing is brought forth in “Idle Town”, but also being able to withhold what’s in store for the future.

Noteworthy, is the glowing red affection and the sizeable echoes throughout “Greek God” and “Lookalike”. Full of soft dynamic but frustrating structure, Gray creates a world in which teens know well. Teens, admittedly comfortable with a structured world that artists such as Gray familiarize, concocts a stability. Being able to share his music with everyone, especially with the LGBTQ+ community, Gray amplifies the frustrations of being a teen in modern day society. Drawing from personal experiences, Gray is able to capture the struggles many teens go through between crushes, sexuality, and home life. Sunset Season is a reach out to those who feel alone or are struggling with figuring out how to get through a situation.