When You Gotta Go; You Got 16 Chances

New Passes


New pasess only allows 16 spaces

Alexys Sciatto '19

The old orange passes from teachers have been revamped with a new pass given to each student to place on the back of their ID.

The goal for these passes is to teach the students John Glenn to take more responsibility, something the old passes did not do.

“The new passes teach the students responsibility by making them accountable for having their identification on them, as well as teaching them responsibility by giving them a limited amount of passes”, said our principal Wegher.

The passes have 16 blank lines to write down the date, reason the student has to leave, and the initials of the teacher signing the pass; the 16 blanks are intended to last for the rest of this school year.

The point of the passes are to decrease the amount of wandering students in the halls. The amount of students in the halls during classes has dropped significantly according to Principal Wegher.

Whenever a student needs to leave their classroom, they have to have use one of their passes. However, if a teacher needs a student to leave the room, the teacher should be giving the student an orange pass.

Be sure to teach your bladder some willpower, because when you gotta go, that’s one less pass out of your 16.