Instagram, Aesthetics and Trends

Old Things Coming’ Back


Amanda Kroll '19, Page Designer


There are always things that used to be popular back when our parents were in their prime teenage years that were cool and make a comeback to have a chance in the limelight again. Over the past few years, there are things that made their way back from the “dead” and are once again popular, like tattoo choker necklaces, vinyl records, wide legged pants, mom jeans, and many more trends. With the new trends that come back, if you have Instagram downloaded on your phone, you have most likely seen internet aesthetics and how they all vary from each other.

“I say let people wear what they want, and express themselves,” senior Geena Bommarito stated. “I really enjoy expressing myself through clothes and with each new thing I’m confident in.”

Many clothing trends that are coming back today are things like scrunchies, butterfly hair clips, mom jeans, chunky shoes, layering, camo pants, monochromatic outfits, velvet clothing ranging from dress to jackets to even under clothing. There has also been a denim invasion with denim coming back in skirts, a larger range of pants and jackets, and even overalls but not just pants but in shorts and dresses, too. A big thing that trended on Instagram was the fanny pack but they also came out with the shoulder bag as it is like a fanny pack, but has a bigger strap so it can go across your shoulder and chest.

“I feel the plastic black tattoo chokers should be gone,” sophomore Emily Gomez stated. “I feel like it’s really tacky.”

There are also the very usual styles of clothes that people go for like sporty, chic, girly, bohemian, rocker and tomboy that have been around since we were young, but now with a new wave of fashion and trends, there are way more now. With the use of social media today there have been many more styles that have evolved and even use some inspiration from the older generation clothes, but with an added kick. Some of the styles and aesthetics we see today are a soft yellow art aesthetic also better known as something else which is a term specifically for POC or allies who are interested in any kind of art.  

“I don’t really mind the styles today but I’m not down with the girly-girl pink feminine fashion,” senior Devyn Arbour said.

A style that is close to this is the retro and 90s styles with layering bright bold colors, and stripes. A Hypebeast, which is a slang word for someone, usually a man, who likes to follow trends in fashion like streetwear, just for the purpose of making a social statement. The soft boy grunge look usually complies ripped jeans or pants that are rolled up at the bottom, a long shirt underneath a short sleeve shirt, and some nice accessories like necklaces,big rings, and chains that hang from your pants. The Instagram baddie is a girl who spreads trends, has really good brows, has unspoken confidence and is flawless in many other ways.

“I see a lot of freshmen try to dress like some aesthetics and I think it’s very cute,” Gomez added.