Leanna Archer, female role model

Leanna Archer, female role model

Kiara Steward '19, Reporter

Leanna Archer is a perfect example of why we have a whole month celebrating the greatness of women. Archer is an 24-year-old entrepreneur from Long Island.

She created her hair and body product line, “Leanna’s essentials” when she was only nine years old.

As a child she began to make her own pomades and hair products for natural hair who she gave to her friends to use. She then did her research to begin her own company for a natural hair line. At just 16 years old she made more than $100,000 with her business. Today her net worth is about $5 million!

She uses her story and devotes her time to be a motivation to young people. She spends some of her time as a motivational speaker to spread her knowledge of business and wealth. She has even held her own business classes and lectures at the University of West Alabama.

To further more help society, she has founded the Leanna Archer Education Foundation for Haiti, where her family is from. This foundation provides at least three meals per day and an education to more than 200 children in Haiti.

Her story is very inspirational and should be celebrated because she defeated all odds against her. Despite her being young and a women she still became a very successful business at a very young age. Not only has she done very well for herself, but she is also giving back and making a difference in the world.