Are You More Proficient in the Morning or Night?

Night Owl Or Early Bird

Are You More Proficient in the Morning or Night?

Madison Lloyd '21, Reporter

Let’s say you could make your own sleep schedule and work schedule, what time would you prefer to wake up and get things going? What time of the day are you more alert and active? Are you a grumpy waker or happy riser?

Society has made it seem as though late risers are lazy, while early wisers are praised, as we’re told the ‘early bird gets the worm.’ However everyone has their own preference and should not be judged off them. Some people don’t sleep at night due to over thinking.

“I’m a morning person because it’s refreshing when you wake up you take a shower and eat the most important meal of your day. Then you’re ready for the day,” sophomore Kaylene Davis said.

Ben Franklin was once famously quoted saying, “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

On the other hand junior Nolan Greene says he’s more proficient at night time.

“I prefer night time because I’m more awake; it’s something about night time that makes me want to get things done, in the morning I’m more grumpy.”

A study by researchers shows that the cause is gene mutation. It’s a development called DSPD (delayed sleep phase disorder) that night owls have.

“In a healthy circadian clock, a handful of genes turn on and off over a 24 hour cycle,” the genetic literacy project stated on their website. “The protein made by CRY1 is normally responsible for suppressing some of these genes during certain parts of the cycle. But Young and Patke discovered that the mutation…made the CRY1 protein more active than usual, keeping other clock genes switched off for a longer period of time.”

I prefer the mid day around 12 or 1pm. I say this because to me, it’s the perfect time of the day to get stuff. It’s not morning time when you’ve just woken up and you’re grumpy. It’s also not night time when you’re restless from your day.