The spring musical got ‘Footloose’


The cast of Footloose closed out their performance with their finale dance. Photo by Morgan Prater.

Morgan Prater '19, Business Manager

A boy, a girl, a small town. The show footloose is the story of Ren McCormack, a city boy, who falls in love with small town Ariel. Ren does not like the strict rules set by the town council, including Ariel’s father Reverend Moore. The musical follows the story of Ren, Ariel and their friend Willard as they fight to lift the ban on dancing in Bomont.

Footloose was the show chosen for the schools spring musical. It was directed by a team of three: English teacher Mr. Gidley, alumni Steve Goldberg, and Belinda Walakonis-Semak

Auditions for the show were held in January and rehearsal began soon after.

To prepare for this show cast met every day after school until five for eight weeks. Crew met later at night on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday for four hours and occasionally on Saturdays to create the set and props. Working so closely together over this time develops close personal relationships.

When asked about his favorite thing about the show, sophomore Chase Grove (who plays Willard) responded:

“The relationships between the cast members, it’s a big family.”

Junior Taylor Socola (who plays Rusty) agreed when asked the same question:

“A of my family on cast, making memories with them.”

In order to conduct an efficient practice the cast often breaks up into groups to work on different scenes simultaneously.

Due to this show being a musical it required a lot of work on songs and dance routines. The cast rehearsed dance numbers repeatedly as to ensure they knew it well. Senior Shannon Dingle (who plays Vi, Ariel’s mother) choreographed all the dance numbers for this show. She taught the cast members the routine step by step and then they would put the entire dance together. Dingle commented on her reasoning behind wanting to choreograph:“I wanted experience for my future. I’ve loved dancing and wanted to share my ideas.”

On March 13 they had what is known as “tech rehearsal.” This is similar to a dress rehearsal but is centered around crew. This day is set aside to help the people backstage and on lights and sound to practice and develop a rhythm to allow for a smooth show.

Dress rehearsal was held March 18 and 19, the week of the show. This practice is a complete run through of the entire show to work out any last problems. This practice is run as though it were the actual show.

The show ran from Thursday Mar. 21 to Saturday Mar. 23.

The cast of Footloose closed out their performance with their finale dance. Photo by Morgan Prater.