‘Should We Be Obligated To Buy Valentine’s Day Gifts’

Shirley Davis ‘19, reporter

Shirley Davis ‘19


Marcel Grade: 12

  1. “No, I feel like just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean I have to buy her something.”
  2. “Roses, chocolate and a cute teddy bear”
  3. “No because I know she doesn’t expect anything from me.”
  4. “Sentimental, because I’d rather give her something that has true meaning.”


Aliya: 12

  1. “No because I don’t like people buying me things.”
  2. “Little things like jewelry”
  3. “No because I don’t expect anything.”
  4. “Sentimental because it seems like it comes from the heart.”


Alex: 12

  1. “Yes because it shows respect.”
  2. “A big teddy bear, an outfit and movie tickets.”


Mr.Smith: hall monitor

  1. “ No, but I think it’s the right thing to do.”
  2. “I would get clothing, flowers and jewelry.”
  3. “Probably, because it’s the thought that counts.”


Larry: 11

  1. “Yes, because it’s you’re supposed to do.”
  2. “The gift should be expensive because she is my valentine.”
  3. “No, because I buy her things all the time.”
  4. “Flowers, chocolate, a giant teddy bear and maybe even a bracelet.”