Is too much really too much?

It is prom, after all…

Kiara Steward 19

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May 6, 2019
Is too much really too much?

    There’s no secret that the majority of us go way overboard for the big magical day we’ve been dreaming and planning for since the first day we’ve entered high school: prom!

    In our school, just like many high schools around America, prom is a big deal. It’s literally all the senior class has been talking about and will continue to talk about until the day arrives. Even the underclassmen have a drawn out detailed plan and itinerary of what color they will wear, what car they will drive, and who their date will be.

    Since prom is such a big deal we often find ourselves wanting to spend loads of money to make sure everything is just right. The whole ordeal can turn really expensive, causing both us and our parents a great deal of stress. The question how much we really spend to have a perfect prom night?

    “I think all together for prom most of will end up spending about $1000 in minimal. I don’t personally think that’s a lot to spend on it,” senior Lauren Rowe said.

    When you add everything up together it really does seem like a reasonable amount to spend. Considering the fact that you have to buy a dress, or a suit, shoes, hairdo’s, makeup, cars, and more.

     “I think the dress is the most important part of the whole prom event,” said senior Rykyra Robinson, “personally I will spend about $800 on a dress at the most.”

    Prom is one of the last events we will all participate in before we are off into the real world forever. There are so many events that follow prom like college, moving out, getting a car if you don’t already have one, paying bills etc. All of these things are all very important! Prom is not the end of our lives and although its a chance for us to have fun and dress up we shouldn’t be going bankrupt to have a good time.

    Buchi Ezeoke, an underclassmen opposed to spending that much on prom.

    “I feel everyone should spend as much as they like for their prom, but me on the other hand, I rather spend about $500 in total for everything. Prom is kind of an important thing to me and my senior year, but it’s not the end of the world.”

     Why are seniors so comfortable with spending so much money on prom?

     “Prom is really important, it’s like a mini wedding day or our version of the grammys. A lot of us really look forward to dressing up and being pretty around all of our friends for our last time together before graduation. I think thats why were so quick to want to spend so much money on it.” says senior August James.

     Over time the dynamics of prom has certainly changed. Although it’s always been an exciting event it is much more serious in today’s age. Most of today’s teens are willing to spend whatever it takes to ensure them a great memory.

    It’s always fun to feel lavish and look expensive but it’s also important for us to just enjoy going to prom. Seniors should try to avoid getting caught up in all the “hype” if you will, of looking the richest there and just simply have fun.