Willow vs. Jaden

Willow vs. Jaden

Amanda Kroll ‘19, page designer

It’s no secret the Will Smith is remarkable actor, comedian, husband, and father to his two children. He has two kids named Willow and Jaden. Willow was named after him, and his son is named after his wife Jada. Both his son and daughter create music. Willow’s most famous song is “Whip My Hair,” a song she created when she was nine years old. The track is a pop song and on an episode of “Red Table Talk” on Facebook  the singer admitted that her biggest regret was making her biggest hit. “ I mean I only have like, one really terrible experience, which was ‘Whip My Hair,’” stated Willow.

In 2017 Willow released her second studio album called The 1st. The album is very instrumental, raw, organic and down to earth with hard-hitting ideas and lyrics. The first song on the album ‘Boy’ sounds like a teenage girl diary entry. “ Hey mom, I met a boy/ He plays guitar/ He likes Quentin Tarantino/ And really sad songs.” The song then continues on about her expressing her emotions to her mom about her crush. ‘And Contentment’ which is played on guitar to ‘Human Leech’ which gives edgy rebel angst to the song with the crunchy guitar riffs and raspy vocals. The album as a whole shows that she is still discovering her own creative persona, and is clearly headed down the right path.

“ I really like how honest and artistic she is with her music,” junior Delshon Knolton stated “Her music is really relaxing, and very cutting edge for her to only be 18. I’m really interested to see how she grows as an artist and a person over the next few years.” Knolton stated

While the younger sibling is more instrumental, the older sibling Jaden has more of a hip-hop, trap feel while incorporating a more computer-generated sound. Over the past few years he has released things along the lines of singles, an album in 2017 called SYRE, and his latest album in 2018 titled The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story.

The opening song, “B” which is from his album SYRE, is part one to the four-part song “BLUE.” On the track, Willow recites a sermon about the creation of man and the power that Nyquil holds.The xylophone combined with church choruses, electric guitars and a bass drum, as Jaden comes into the track while showing up his “haters”. On many of his other songs, he delivers poor lyrics. On the song “L” he raps “Girl I’m Martin Luther, Martin Luther King/ Life is hard, I’m kamasutra-ing.” then on the song ”U,” he says the lines “Man I’m artichokin’/ I can’t breathe, that’s the art of chokin.”

“I like the vibe, the beat [of his music]. I determine how I like and if I continue to listen to music by the way it makes me feel,” sophomore Micah Andrews stated.

Jaden’s second album, The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story starts out strong with “SOHO,” which has simmering trap vibes and gorgeous harmonizing. “A Calabasas Freestyle,” comes across as confused, but also boasting at the same time.


“His music makes me feel adventurous and happy like I could drive down Hollywood Boulevard playing his music with friends and have a good time.” Andrews stated

While both siblings were both raised the same way and were able to express themselves however they choose, both of their music taste differ from each other and both capture their essence and style in a 15-track album.